bixi service awareness campaign

advertising campaign, posters, OOH (Out-Of-Home) ad explorations
Project Brief -

Client Background + Target Audience:
Bike sharing relies on a system of self-service bike stations. Users typically check out
a bike using a membership or credit/debit card. They can then ride to their destination and park the bike in a nearby docking station. Bike share bikes are comfortable, have integrated locks and cargo baskets and usually include gearing, fenders and lights that make urban biking safe and enjoyable. Many of them are accessed by a mobile app, so you can usually find a bike nearby from wherever you are at the time.

Bike sharing programs can introduce new people into bicycle commuting by providing fun, safe, and secure bikes. A 2013 study in Washington D.C. from the Transportation Research Record suggested that bike share users were different from regular cyclists. In this case, they were more likely to be women, to be younger, to have lower incomes and to be less likely to own bicycles or automobiles.

The goal:
Create a promotional campaign to create awareness on a bike sharing program in a city using posters and social media. Key message is to create awareness that bike sharing is an a Eco-friendly, socially distanced and healthy alternative to driving.