off white x amazon furniture

social media, email campaign, collaboration, corporate branding
Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace. And growing across the board: books,
toys, electronics, apparel, jewelry and now furniture. They’ve recently launched two
private label furniture brands: Alkove & Movian.
Amazon offers a range of mid-tier (price conscious) items. Furniture is a high-involvement
category, so the vast majority of purchases are bought in physical stores. However,
people are spending more time at home and increasingly shopping online. Amazon has
an opportunity to be an online furniture leader.

Our audience:
Urban couples in their 30’s who rent or are first-time homeowners. Savvy shoppers with
an eye for style. Quality, value, and multi-purpose pieces are important. They carefully
plan purchases, read reviews and ratings. They know Ikea for the basics and are familiar
with higher-end stores like: West Elm, Crate & Barrel, etc. But they’re not necessarily
online furniture shoppers.

Our problem:
Customers don’t think about us for furniture. Amazon is seen as a transactional platform.
Furniture is an inspiration-driven category. So, we have to build trust in our of premium
home décor and furniture portfolio.